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November 30th, 2004

02:49 pm - .: About Open House, Photo Shop, NUS Canteen :.
Open House

Let's start with the open house. It was well-received. So many friends attended the party. I'm delighted at being able to get certain people networked (in the professional sense, I don't run a matchmaking service). I have to apologize for not being a good host and chitchat longer.

By the time all the guests left at 10pm, I was totally drained! I dozed off pretty early that night. Will add more with pictures on this.

Standard Photo Compass Point

Over the last weekend, I sent 3 rolls of film to be developed into CD-ROMs. When I went to check on the results, I'm totally disappointed. The pictures came out realy blurred, and although I'm still a newbie on film camera taking, I definitely can take better pictures that what was developed. So I checked into the details of the image file. Therein lies the problem. The images/negatives were scanned in 72x72 dpi, that explains all the jagged edges. I was definitely wondering when all the 3 CDs seemed to have very little info in them. Now I know. I have called Standard Photo Compass Point to clarify the issue, asking if they can at least scan at 300dpi or higher. They asked for my number & will revert back to me. They have this concept that I'm asking for more colours, asking me if I want in 16 bits. I personally hv no issue if the colours turn out bad cuz when I take pictures, its more of geometry and layout I'm looking out for.

NUS Canteen

Just found out that NUS canteens now sells beer @ $5 1-for-1 after 6pm.

hmmmmmmmmmmmm..... ;)
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