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May 31st, 2008

07:29 am - .: Happy 5th Birthday to Me, My LiveJournal Turns 5 :.

My LiveJournal turns 5 today! :)  I want to thank skl123 for giving me the invite codes 5 years ago.

My LJ have seen a lot of me, through my career-changes, my family, my love life; there seems to be no end to this continuity.

August 2003 I started using ... SubjectName ....
October 2003 is when I started using .: SubjectName :. <- and this format of naming my subject has stayed.

I suppose I started doing this way after looking at how some other LJers at that point of time use FRIENDS-like subjects, "The One With EtcEtcEtc"

My LJ Memories have been filled up and I still look for more memories to link in. This post will be put into the memory system as well.

Thank you to all the readers for staying on with LiveJournal. Yes I may have move on, and it really is weird, putting emotions into an online-structure like LiveJournal, but it is testament to how I have lived the past five years.

Image of cake taken from Wikipedia under Public Domains
Current Mood: jubilantjubilant

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