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December 26th, 2008

11:13 pm - .: Ribbons & Bows - A Christmas Gathering :.
On the eve of Christmas, I was invited to a Ribbons & Bows Christmas gathering by an old friend, Mervyn Tan. Set at the Fullerton Hotel, it features a luxurious room with niche touches of grandeur. Words cannot replace the experience of being there, coupled with the warmth that the hosts and guests come to bring to the party. I will show here two sets of flash video. The first flash video will be the HD video I took before the guests arrived; showing the entire room. The second flash video will be clickable images of the food, drinks and the beautiful people that showed up.

Ribbons & Bows from Mohd Hisham on Vimeo.

Both sets of videos were taken on my Nikon D90, first one in video HD mode. I wil be first to admit that the photo quality is not what I intended to achieve, I could do with a good flash bulb (SB800 would be perfect), so which was why I took the shots sans flash with increased ISO and the white balance set to indoors with a little adjustments on the SRGB colour sheet.

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