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January 23rd, 2009

05:11 am - .: Sg Budget 2009 :.

I stayed up the entire night (12am - 5:11am) to read thru everyone's blog post cuz I didnt hv the presence of mind to remember that my mum put 2 packets of coffee powder so that I cannot sleep!

anyways ... i wanted to see if someone would post something, anything about the budget. I do not have the economics nuances to figure out something.

the question i had in mind is, how does the government intend to finance the S$20.5billion package? Or is that already part of our annual budget? or if did not remember wrongly, isnt this an out of budget package?

basically, just need someone to tell me, or do a separate post if you want,

1) the S$20.5billion, is it part of the annual budget, thats why our annual budget has a deficit this year? or is it an out of budget budget?
2) how will the Resilience Package be claimed back by the Government? (rumours from some that 100 ERP gantries is awaiting to be deployed) well thats rumours la. :) 

so. anyone with a little bit of FREE time to explain to me? :) please

xiaogou ? :x
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