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February 20th, 2009

08:37 am - .: Dirrty 3 :.
Compared to all previous years, I did not have any big bashes for my birthday. Not because I've joined the ranks of people who don't care about celebrating their birthdays, rather this year, I am on a tighter budget. :P

So, I invited a few close friends, to join me for a meal at LAS (see previous entries about this). For the dinner invite itself, I've made it very simple. Just come and makan. If they want to contribute money, let me know the amount and I will match dollar for dollar and donate them equally to both AFA & Oogachaga. In this recession, we should not just think that we don't have money; other self-help groups also needed them. If we don't help, who will? :|

Anyone on Livejournal can see my birthdate. However, I've removed that option on Facebook! lolx :p - today im officially dirrty3 :D

Alright, so on to the main event. This will be in pictorial form which I've found to be easier to describe as I go along(not to mention that I am rather lazy to write so many stuff cuz i've got a backlog of blogposts to do with regards to my social media involvement!)

here are the pictures! image intensive. you've been warned! :)Collapse )

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