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April 23rd, 2009

01:39 am - .: unConference 2009, Get Registered! :.
In case you forgot, here's a reminder to get you to sign up early, otherwise you may have to pay as much as $90 to attend the unConference. Click on any of the links (on the left or the circular images below) to get you straight to the registration pages.

Regardless if you consider yourself a Professional, a Social Media RockStar or a Blogger (like me!), you are very much welcomed to attend this event. There are many lessons to be gained; not all are technical in nature. Some sessions focusses on getting the IT person to gain respect as an important piece in the big puzzle of the business world; not just a clog that run the works.

Remember to use the hashtag #unConference09 for your Twitter and Plurk! ;)

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