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.: Win 5 Pairs(per pax) of Passes to SupperClub (5th Dec) :,

This a Give-Away contest, but it will not be fun to just give it out without offering a suitable challenge. So please, put on your thinking caps, for all of thirty minutes (the smart ones could get this in 5 minutes!) and answer this quiz.
The highlights for the World AIDS Day event on the 5th December includes the following.
  • Showcase of the finalists from the Grafitti Art Competition; their entire canvasses will be transplanted to SupperClub & prizes for winners will be given out.
  • JackAndRaiPerformances from local celebrity duo Jack & Rai (@jackandrai)
  • The Great Spy Experiment (to be confirmed)
  • Several DJs will be spinning great tunes!
  • Lots of Photo Opportunities (so bring that camera out!)
Enter the contest here -----------------------------------------------------> http://mhisham.org/?p=545
Tags: "your life your canvas", hiv, hpb, supperclub, world aids day
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