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Lowdown on Samsung English Football Fanatics

I have been working with the good folks from Pepperconn, to promote this app for almost a week. This post serves to clarify why I have been very vocal; if I am not already, about football matches and the state of football, at the Barclays Premier League. I will want to start this post by showing what this app DOES NOT do. :)

  • This app, both the Android & Facebook versions, are not popularity contests; although it would help if you LIKE the Samsung Singapore Facebook fanpage and the Samsung Mobile Singapore Facebook fanpage(reasons will be given below).

  • You do not need to own a Samsung Galaxy S or any other Android phone to participate. You can still participate - and WIN - the prizes offered. In fact, for one of the components of the app, it is most helpful to use a browser, as you can use the search engine to quickly hunt down for the answers.

  • You do not need to spam your entire Facebook friends list, asking all of them to join and play this App. Let's face it, how many of your friends like football? If all of them do, well, invite them in anyways, but try not to do it repeatedly.

  • This app DOES NOT flood your Facebook walls with your activity. That is helpful right? :)


Now, let me explain what this app DOES.
There are two main components to win yourself some cool prizes.
The first is, the Prediction King and the second is Trivia.
Prediction King
Predict more BPL match scores correctly than your friends or other players and win monthly Samsung prizes. Prizes change monthly.
Fill in your score prediction for the 5 matches featured weekly and challenge your Facebook friends or other players to do better than you in their predictions.

The Prediction King game will have 2 rounds, each round consists of 4 sets of matches and players can compete for prizes in each round as the points earned from each round is "reset" at the beginning of each round.

Round 1 : 4 October - 9 November

Round 2 : 10 November - 14 December

Round 1 Prizes

1st : Samsung Digital Camera NX100

2nd : Samsung Galaxy S

3rd : Samsung Blu-ray Player BD-C7500

Even if you do not win, your points go towards your Leaderboard Score.

Hint! Liking the Samsung Singapore Facebook Fan Page gives an advantage: http://www.facebook.com/SamsungSingapore

  • Be the top 10 to answer all questions correctly and win free Tiger Beer!

  • Trivia questions are released randomly weekly.

  • Hint! Liking the Samsung Mobile Singapore Facebook Fan Page gives you an advantage: http://www.facebook.com/SamsungMobileSingapore

  • Even if you do not win, your points go towards your Leaderboard Score.

  • If you answer within 60 secs the questions are released, you’ll get 5x game bonus.

  • All scores go towards the Leaderboard Scores

  • Top 3 players in the leaderboard by the 15th of Dec 2010, 0000hours will win Samsung LED TV's

  • First Prize : 46" LED TV + Blu-ray Player

  • 2nd Prize : 40" LED TV

  • 3rd Prize : 37" LED TV

[caption id="attachment_1289" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Team Captains"][/caption]

These are the only two components required for the prizes. However, you can do more, if you want. You can interact with our team captains. For a start, the Samsung English Football Fanatics apps have started off with four clubs, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United. There are team captains in-charge of each club. And they have discussions to discuss the current state of football for respective teams, on any topic as decided by the captains.

Where do I fit in all these? I am playing the games too. You have seen some of my predictions that I have shared on Twitter. I think it is ok to be involved in this. Most of you watch football telecasts where they have pundits sharing their thoughts and opinions about the upcoming football matches. I am no different.

As much as I do not really care about the other teams, when doing the predictions, I realise I have got to check out as much as I can about them. I would definitely prefer to just bet on my own team, which if you have not guessed yet, is captained by the Flying Dutchman himself! ;)
Sure you can invite friends to this app, you definitely want to make sure that they are on the same side as you. If you are really my friend, you will pick Liverpool. Oh but of course! haha :)
Please leave a comment if you have any queries, I will make sure you receive an answer for it!
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